Projector Motherboard manufacturers

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Projector Motherboard manufacturers

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1. Product introduction
Q 033_358V58A0 is a multi-purpose Android LCD controller. It is designed to support 5.8“ TCON LCD panel.
Q 033_358V58A0 can support HDMI, AV, USB,VGA, AirPlay, ATV input and Earphone audio output.
The power part of Q033_358V58A0 is an external power supply unit, with single 12V input .

2. Product parameter

3. Product feature and application
● It can Support two-way USB, customers can switch freely
● VGA can automatically adjust the adapter resolution

4. Product details introduction
● It can be directly connected to cable TV for broadcasting
● Support the adaptation of heterosexual structures
● USB with Overcurrent Protection

CAD Structural drawing
5. FAQ
Q: Does it can support DTV?
A: Yes.For overseas market,it can support DVB-T,And can also support DTMB.
Q: This motherboard has curved edges. Our machines are straight edges. Can we use it?
A: According to your description, it can notuse.But we can do customize board for you.And cando customize according to your machine, to meet your demands.
Q: What is the UI interface of this main board?
A: If there is no special requirement, we will provide a common UI interface . Of course, if the customer needs, we can make the UI interface according to the effect pictures provided by the customer.Projector Motherboard manufacturers
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