How to get Vietnam visa before travelling?

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How to get Vietnam visa before travelling?

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Do i need Vietnam visa before travelling?

This article aims to show the foreigners about How to get Vietnam visa before travelling in many ways so that you can choose the best option for yourself. Most of the foreigners are confused about this since there are a lot of visa types to apply for and many website offer the visa service with various fees.

1/ Obtaining a visa at Vietnamese embassy in your living country

It is generally the same process of getting a business visa or a tourist visa. Most tourists get their visa through the Vietnamese Embassy in their country of residence ( showed on their passport ) before entering Vietnam.
For a tourist visa, you will need to submit:

1) Entry & Exit Form
2) Two passport photos (4x6cm size, white background)
3) Your original passport (which requires at least 01 month validity prior the date of exit from Vietnam and/or 06 month validity to meet airlines’ requirements). In urgent cases, a loose-leaf-visa can be requested, then a copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages) may be submitted instead of the original passport.
4) Visa stamping fee

Note: The form, the fee, the rule and the working days required to process visa applications with approval can vary from countries, so please check directly with the Vietnamese embassy where you are applying at.

Applying a business visa usually also requires an invitation letter of support from your sponsor agency or company in Vietnam. In person, the process usually takes 5-7 days and the process of applying online usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the service you choose. If you are mailing, please aware that you need to make arrangements to have your passport with visa returned to you.

2/ Getting a Visa on arrival and best answer for “How to get Vietnam visa”

Second option of achieving a visa is to apply for an Vietnam visa on arrival online. Why this should be your best choice

After you complete below steps as intructed:

Fill the form with your passport details, date of arrival, type of visa
Pay the fee and get visa letter in 1 processing day via email.
Print out the Vietnam visa approved letter and show it at the Airport.

You will be ready to get the stamp visa upon arrival without submitting any documents no matter you apply for tourist or business visa.

Now you have the reply for How to get Vietnam visa online We hope that this information is useful for your Vietnam travelling shedule.


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